Two nigerian dwarfs doelings


A Day at the Farm


Our live farm animal cam is on 24/7/365 and rotates around the farm. Feel free to visit and get to know our farm family.


Today, we are visiting Lily. We adopted Lily in February from Blind Faith Farm. Lily and her mom were companion animals to a blind lamb. She has been a welcome addition to our herd. We are excited to share she is expecting kids on Thursday, July 1. Tun into our live animal cam to  watch as labor progresses.

You will see Lily pacing, head tilt to belly, pawing at the ground. She may also stand like a statue and stare off. At times, she may be annoyed with her other herd mates. These are signs labor is progressing.

Lily is a four year old Nigerian Dwarf goat. She is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. She is bred to Grasse Acres Helios. We cannot wait to see the adorable kids and pray for an easy delivery for Lily.

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