family of 4 living on 4 acres

Eight years ago we moved to our new digs with the goal of having ducks. That first summer we explored the world of ducks. We’ve since expanded to turkeys, chickens, goats, and bees. Our farmstead features the best goat milk soap and all natural skincare products. 

Our Story

After having children we had this want for more land and the option to have ducks. I remember our realtor looking at us quizzically when we would see properties and ask, but can we have ducks. 


We settled on a small property smack in the middle of a subdivision -- our version of urban homesteading. Gradually, we started making the property our own. The chickens moved to the barn and graze in one of the pastures. We added an apple orchard and three bee hives to help with pollination. The garden was expanded to include all the favorite berries--- including elderberries. 

We added three adorable mischievous Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The clowns of our family that also bring so much joy and endless smiles to our family, friends, and visitors.